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28 Greville Street, Hatton Garden
London, England, EC1N 8SU
United Kingdom

07800 843 243

Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.

Birthstone: Emerald




Birthstone: Emerald

Lee Preston

Lee Renee Jewellery Emerald Gem Stone
Lee Renee Jewellery Emerald Gem Stone

The month of May is lucky in getting the gorgeous green stone, Emerald as it’s birthstone. They are believed to improve wellbeing and are among the most respected gemstones in the industry – even a few imperfections don’t affect their value substantially.

Though we may now associate pinks and reds with romance, in ancient Rome green was the Goddess Venus’ colour – and so emerald green was said to signify love and beauty.

Lee Renee Jewellery Venus in Green - on Etsy
Lee Renee Jewellery Venus in Green - on Etsy

Emeralds can account for being one of the oldest gemstones in the world as those from Zimbabwe have been dated at 2600 million years old! No wonder they have always been so treasured among ancient empires.

If you wanted to incorporate a beautiful green gem into any Lee Renee piece, you can get in contact and a bespoke piece will be made. We think that the already lovely Pineapple Ring with green agate, would look even more beautiful with a sparkling emerald…

So wear your emeralds with pride. They look have inspired for centuries and still are stunning today.


Teardrop Emerald - ARTG33K74 on Flickr

Emerald Stone - Dennis Harper on Flickr

Venus in Green - Emily Balivet - Buy now on Etsy