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Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.

Inspiration: Celebrate You




Inspiration: Celebrate You

Lee Preston


As we’ve touched on previously this week, Valentine’s day is an odd celebration. Focusing on just couples and romantic love feels like a shame. We should be celebrating all kinds of love – love of friends, love of life and the weird but wonderful connection we have with ourselves each day. So regardless of your relationship status, take a day. As Roald Dahl said 'If you have kind thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely' - he clearly hadn't seen me first thing the morning, but the concept is gorgeous! Energise and celebrate yourself with these ideas for your new activity.

give yourself a break
give yourself a break


Grace &  Thorn in Hackney have expanded their already popular evening workshops to include Macrame Mondays - the art of weaving and knotting to make textiles or objects.

If you’re looking for a fun night to meet new people or just get something done with your hands, you’ll be rewarded for checking them out. Hip hop music, prosecco and a beautiful rope hanger to take home.


[Taken by Eliana Reinaldo on Flickr]

Raw and textured materials are big for interiors in 2016 so you can leave smug in the knowledge that you are also updating your home. Next class can be booked now for April 4th.

Sushi Making

Are you still eating out for your sushi hit? Make it resolution to learn this elusive art and impress everyone at dinner parties. Join Haru and the team at Suzu London - the teacher Makiko is known across the world for her expertise. In this 2 hour class with her, you will learn how to roll and make 23 pieces of your own sushi creations. And as an added bonus to your wellbeing, seaweed is extremely high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which can help fight free radical damage and even cancers – get stuck in!


[Taken by Janine of Flickr]

*At time of writing there were several spaces available on their Saturday & Sunday classes across Valentine’s weekend *

Hot Yoga

The act of performing yoga in a deliberately heated room... For some this may sound horrendous but the Hot Yoga Society in London promises you’ll “Sweat Yourself Amazing”. The society has an introductory offer and advice on its website for those new to the classes.


Classes for hot yoga have sprung up all across the UK and followers of the movement say it helps you feel energised and can stimulate detox and weight loss.

Yoga Water
Yoga Water

Our advice, remember your own towel to put down over the yoga mat… it’s embarrassing to have to borrow one for your sweat puddle (no names mentioned).

What are your ideas for a new activity?

Go forth and love yourself! Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s, or whatever it may be that you’re celebrating this weekend – love to you all from all at Lee Renee xx


Macrame - Eliana Reinaldo on Flickr

Sushi Grid - Suzu Sushi Classes

Sushi Rolls - Janine on Flickr

Yoga Images - Hot Yoga Society, London