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Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.

Inspiration: Gadgets To Change Your Life




Inspiration: Gadgets To Change Your Life

Lee Preston


Have you lost your way with your New Year’s Resolution? Safe to say, most people I know have. There are only a few changes you can seem to make, before your mind says no. Then you’re on the sofa in front of Netflix with something indescribable you picked up from a takeaway on the way home. We totally get it though… You’re busy. You kick a lot of ass. Well, so should your diet – it literally fuels you! We’ve got a Friday motivational interview with nutritionist Jenny Millichip coming tomorrow to give you some top tips but for now, start looking into investing in your kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Something shiny and new might be the kick we all need to invest in ourselves with healthy and delicious food.  what better way to celebrate Happy Nutrition Month!

The Herb Savor


So Oprah absolutely loves this little thing and can’t get enough of telling people about her herbs!

It sits neatly in your fridge door alongside your milk and will keep those supermarket fresh herbs - or maybe home grown (spoiler for future blog post) – alive and well for up to three weeks. Or have a go with some asparagus when it gets into season soon.

Herbs have their own nutrients to add to meals and they add a punch of flavour to meals, meaning you will cut down on seasoning with salt without trying.

Vision Scales


Every good nutritionist and health expert will tell you that a good pair of scales is a first step in the battle of portion control. You don’t have to measure your food forever but speaking from experience, it makes you realise very quickly how much of everything you need versus actually have.

The Typhoon Vision range is modern and with bright and vintage colour choices – see mustard and peppermint below – you can make it fit seamlessly with the look of your kitchen.

Easiyo Yoghurt Maker


If you find yourself raiding the fridge for a snack or end up with a bag of crisps – this could be the change for you! This yoghurt maker makes 1 litre easily and cheaply. Then all you need to do is add some fresh fruit/seeds/nuts/honey/whatever you fancy and you have a filling breakfast or snack.



It’d be difficult to not include this on the list! The Nutribullet has become massive this year and they are everywhere. If you haven’t already invested in one of these there are plenty of reasons why you should.

Easy clean up, ‘nutrient extraction’ (it doesn’t smush the healthy cells of your fruit and veg) and a compact design. If you’re thinking about smoothies or soupies - you need this, I have one and use it a lot, it makes getting nutrients so easy and faff free.

If you have another gadget that has worked well for you – let us know on Twitter. Happy eating lovelies!


Herb Savor – Prepara Herb Savor

Vision Scales – Typhoon Vision Scales Range

Easiyo Yoghurt Maker – Lakeland

Nutribullet - Nutribullet