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28 Greville Street, Hatton Garden
London, England, EC1N 8SU
United Kingdom

07800 843 243

Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.




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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Lee Preston

As the name might suggest, this birthstone owes its name to water and the sea – likely inspired by the many different shades of blue that it can be found in. Inclusions within the crystal can make it look quite mystical, with streaks that resemble sea foam (or at least we think so), and it was believed to help sailors have a safe passage across the ocean.

For more practical uses for the modern woman – the stone is believed to have properties that attract friends, promote a happy marriage and attract more joy into your life. Hard to say no to?

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