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Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.

The Power Of Quartz




The Power Of Quartz

Lee Preston

All over the globe, people are using crystals as part of their everyday routine to aid mood, sleep and spirituality. But it’s a lot less hippy and a lot more happy as the concepts of crystal energy enters the mainstream. From skincare with crystals (read more here), to yoga classes with quartz, there are so many ways to benefit from their energies.

The Beckhams both have been open about how they love crystals and how positive it is. Victoria says she carries stones with her and keeps tourmaline and rose quartz in the home. One of the most commonly types are the quartz stones – with each colour comes different properties – and they are beautiful to include in pieces of jewellery. Lee knows because she has designed pieces including smoky and rose shades!

So what can quartz do for you in the 21st century?

Lee Renee Smoky Quartz Cylinder Necklace

Lee Renee Smoky Quartz Cylinder Necklace

Smoky Quartz

Chakra: Solar plexus

Good for:

Returning a sense of humour

Protection against negativity

Physical and spiritual grounding


Smoky Quartzan excellent stone for elevating your mood, enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. When worn or carried, Smoky Quartz will provide assistance in reaching personal and business goals - manifesting dreams and ideas into reality.

This crystal promotes rational, pragmatic thought processes and will help you to be organised. It increases focus and may be used in group situations to alleviate communication difficulties and foster a spirit of cooperation.

Smoky Quartz is a remarkable aid for quitting smoking, gradually reducing the urge to smoke, as well as softening the anger and agitation associated with nicotine withdrawal and the detoxification process. 

Lee Renee smoky quartz trillion necklace

Lee Renee smoky quartz trillion necklace

In the home, Smoky Quartz is worth kept in a handbag or in the glove box of the car to ward off theft or accidents. As a driving crystal, it protects against road rage and other harm while driving.

Place Smoky Quartz in the home or work space to ward off negative emotional energies. Bad moods, hostility or disagreements drain positive emotional energy that could be holding you back. The stone can be arranged pointing outwards on your desk in a semi-circle to create a calm, safe area in which to work.

The stone is also excellent for meditation as it grounds your physical and spiritual energy to provide you with the whole benefit of the session.

Lee Renee Rose Quartz Cylinder necklace - designed to be worn close to your heart for maximum energy

Lee Renee Rose Quartz Cylinder necklace - designed to be worn close to your heart for maximum energy

Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart

Good for:

Calms mood reducing anger or anxiety

Increases sensuality

Supporting loving relationships


Rose Quartz is a mothering crystal, with calming properties and known as the 'love stone', it is said to emit strong vibrations of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. It is most strong worn against your chest as it touches your heart chakra and induces soothing energy.

It promotes bonding and is therefore useful to wear or place on the stomach during pregnancy, and to take to the hospital to be near the baby during birth.

To attract love or strengthen a romantic relationship, place Rose Quartz by the bed or in the relationship corner of the home to restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. As a stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, Rose Quartz is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination.

With it being a calming and reassuring crystal, it is excellent for use in trauma or crisis. It strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change. It is also an excellent stone for comforting feelings of grief.

For both adults and children Rose Quartz can give you beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares or night terrors. Similarly it can protect your emotions while awake. A large piece of unpolished Rose Quartz in the workplace provides ongoing protection against intrusion and gossip.