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28 Greville Street, Hatton Garden
London, England, EC1N 8SU
United Kingdom

07800 843 243

Voted into Vogue's 'Jewellery Designers to Watch' list, London-based contemporary jeweller Lee Renée effortlessly blends fashion and craftsmanship, thanks to her her signature style of delicate, timeless and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinctive stories.

Lee Shop

rose necklace
Rose Halo Necklace - Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
from 79.00
seahorse necklace
Seahorse Blue Topaz Necklace – Silver/Gold
from 138.00
ladybird necklace
Ladybird Necklace (wings open) – Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
from 79.00
green tourmaline necklace
Banana Leaf Tourmaline Totem Necklace
from 95.00
gold ladybird necklace
Ladybird Necklace (wings closed) – Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
from 79.00
gold ladybird necklace
Ladybird Black Diamond Necklace (wings open) – Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
from 140.00
rose gold ladybird necklace
Ladybird Black Diamond Necklace (wings closed) – Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
from 140.00
gold ladybird necklace
Loveliness of Ladybirds Necklace – Silver/Rose Gold/Gold
from 110.00
rose necklace
Rose Halo Diamond & Tourmaline Necklace – Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
from 109.00
octopus necklace
Octopus Alexandrite Necklace - Silver/Gold
from 125.00
gold initial necklace
Green Tourmaline Pendant & Initial Necklace
from 110.00
initial necklace
Mini Pineapple Initial Necklace
gold pineapple necklace
Pineapple Necklace - Gold Vermeil/Silver
from 78.00
gold halo necklace
Gold Halo Necklace
silver halo necklace
Silver Halo Necklace
swallow necklace
Swallow Necklace - Silver/Gold
from 79.00
swallow necklace
Swallow Necklace - Gold Vermeil & White Sapphire
gold initial necklace
Heart Initial & Diamond Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 110.00
banana necklace
Banana Necklace - Gold Vermeil
shell necklace
Double-Sided Shell & Pearl Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 89.00
gold pineapple necklace
Mini Pineapple Necklace - Gold Vermeil
shell necklace
Mini Shell & Pearl Necklace - Gold vermeil
silver deer necklace
Deer Necklace - Silver/Gold Vermeil
from 136.00
smoky quartz necklace
Smoky Quartz Cylinder Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 79.00
rose quartz necklace
Rose Quartz Cylinder pendant necklace –Silver/Gold
from 79.00
gold cactus necklace plant succulent jewellery gift for her
Cactus Necklace small - Gold vermeil/Silver
from 71.00
silver cactus necklace
Large Silver Cactus Necklace 30" chain Silver/Gold Vermeil
from 110.00
diamond halo necklace
Halo Necklace - White Sapphire & Gold/Silver
from 89.00
monkey necklace
Toy Monkey Necklace - Rose Gold Vermeil/Silver
from 126.00
black spinnel necklace
Black Spinnel Brilliant cut Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 79.00
gold smoky quartz necklace
Smoky Quartz Trillion cut Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 79.00
valentines necklace
Kiss Me necklace - Diamond & Silver/Gold
from 79.00
square necklace
White Tourmaline Square-cut Necklace - Gold/Silver
from 79.00
Butterfly choker necklace
Butterfly Choker Necklace - Silver/Gold Vermeil
from 69.00
swallow choker necklace
Swallow Choker Necklace - Silver/Gold Vermeil
from 58.00
heart choker necklace
Heart Choker Necklace - Silver/Gold Vermeil
from 58.00
cocktail necklace
Miami Cocktail Ruby Necklace - Gold Vermeil
ruby necklace
Ruby Lip Pendant Necklace
ice cream necklace
Miami Ice Cream Necklace - Gold
black pearl necklace
Cathy Pendant Necklace - Black Pearl & Silver
mans silver necklace
Romeo Necklace - Silver
ruby necklace
Heloise Pendant Necklace - Ruby & Gold/Silver
from 135.00
spinner necklace
Tiny Voodoo Orunla & Snake Spinner Necklace - Silver
skull necklace
Voodoo Skull Necklace - Gold Vermeil & Amethyst/Silver & Garnet
from 84.00
word necklace
Dream Big Necklace - Diamond & Gold/Silver
from 79.00
word necklace
Let's Party Necklace - Diamond & Silver/Gold
from 79.00
gold green quartz necklace gift for her
Rock Princess Necklace - Green Quartz & Gold Vermeil
tribal necklace
Voodoo Damballah Necklace - Silver & Opal
african necklace
Voodoo Legba Necklace - Gold Vermeil & Garnet
gold flamingo necklace gift for her bird jewellery
Miami Flamingo Necklace - Gold